There’s More Than Notepads for Writing Inspiration

Nearly every book on writing theory I’ve read has been resolute in a single mantra: take prolific notes. The rationale being you’ll never know when inspiration hits. And if you’re like me where life’s sparks are easily forgotten, it’s a boon. Continue reading



Proofreading isn’t merely about finding mistakes. It’s a chance to look at your words one more time too. Locate those typos and kill them, but be open to fresh syntax. It’s amazing how often the voice in your head thought a piece was good, when all along, it needed a night’s sleep for perspective. So often your voice celebrates a piece, when a night’s sleep gives it perspective. 



The love of writing lives on the cutting floor. In editing we find things about our words and style we never imagined. Doors swing open and mastery stands in the room. When you can cut 1000 words by half for publication, you know you’re on the way to professionalism. You’re absolutely satisfied. You’ve bid your ego but not your creativity adieu.