10 Tips for the Starting Writer

I had the pleasure of giving some advice the other day to someone thinking of starting as a specialist writer. So I thought I’d post the crux here, based on what I’ve learned from personal experience and from the lessons of many others for it may just help you too. Continue reading

The Spirit of Blogging

The past month since my last post here has been frenetic and the biggest impact you’ll see on this blog will be an attempt to imbue a more traditional “weblogging” focus: not so much manicured articles with introductory graphics but more of my experiences. You can go to my full website for the former. Continue reading

Treat Your Newsletters With Respect

There’s a guy I recently read called Austin Kleon who wrote a short but remarkable book about the etiquette of being social online. Show Work v1

The book was “Show Your Work” and I’ve read it numerously now, each time gleaning new gems. He basically preaches that success flows to the person who openly shares: that if you come across new knowledge in your field of interest, open it up to others online rather than asking for new things from them. In this way a synergy of thought develops and the world becomes a creatively better place. Continue reading

Is Blogging Like Social Media Really Just Noise?

I saw one of Gen Y’s human resource management practitioners, Sarah Miller, give a video presentation about the role of social media in business the other day. Her summary came down to a basic mantra: to be seen you have to share.

A few days after, a colleague posed the following question: Continue reading

What to do with Your Business Blog When on Vacation

The following question on a blogging social group popped up the other day:

How do you blog during the summer?

Its overall gist was this: If you’re on vacation and can’t blog, should you get others to blog for you, or should you regurgitate past posts? Continue reading