On Bernie Sanders and Foreign Policy

Well, I took the time tonight, while Hamas-missiles are raining down on Israel and Israeli air raids are flying across Gaza in retaliation, to listen to Bernie Sanders’ Keynote Address to the non-profit Pro-Israel/Pro-Peace advocacy group, J Street, from April 22, 2018. I hoped to gain some insight into his foreign policy. Continue reading

Eighty Years On Kristallnacht How We Have Forgotten

Source: Wikipedia “Kristallnacht”.

I was reminded by a friend on Facebook that today November 9, 2018, is the 80th anniversary of the Kristallnacht, “the night of glass” in which Jewish homes, businesses, synagogues and gatherings were vandalised, butchered and razed to the ground in Germany and the Greater Third Reich. Continue reading

Is Bernie Sanders A Revolution Too Late?

Having read Bernie Sanders’ political manifesto yesterday I’m surprised at its cogency. Based on media stereotypes I arrived at the start line expecting a crazy nutcase of a socialist and I finished the easy romp having met a pro-freedom-capitalist of the Keynesian economic faith.

Continue reading

Your Three Keys to Confidence Lay in Selling

This is a reprise of an article I posted a few weeks ago. I didn’t think it offered the oomph and clarity I’d intended. So here’s goes: if you want to be confident …


To find confidence, you’ve got to sell. It’s as simple as that. And to sell you’ve got to do just three things but they take work: Continue reading

Amazon USA is Still Selling to Australia but Kindle Books Only Plus GST

July 1, 2018.

Dawn broke over the milking yards Downunder as the roosters clucked and the hens crowed, for Amazon USA had indeed blocked shipments to Australia and everything was now topsy.

Then it all went quiet as an emu climbed atop a wombat for a peck at the shearer’s screen. Sure enough, the message from Mr. Bezos there didn’t make sense. Continue reading

Hurry Amazon USA is Leaving Australia and Stalin’s in Town

Late last week, the US Supreme Court ruled that US businesses must levy State sales taxes on all goods sold according to each target State’s regime thresholds.

In giving its opinion the court revealed that Amazon is already complying with this burden. In other words Amazon’s computers are dealing with roughly 50 separate sales taxes—and nary a hiccup’s been heard. Continue reading