Reading in Between

In between major projects the creative bug really bites. I’ve always been one to feel the thirst for the inner workings of society and why world history transpired as it did.

Then there’s an overall longing to learn different ways of being innovative, all with a segue into writing. Continue reading

There’s More Than Notepads for Writing Inspiration

Nearly every book on writing theory I’ve read has been resolute in a single mantra: take prolific notes. The rationale being you’ll never know when inspiration hits. And if you’re like me where life’s sparks are easily forgotten, it’s a boon. Continue reading

Barista Brilliance

Coffe Face 1

What would you say to a coffee table book on coffee expression? Amazon tells us it’s been tried prior but wouldn’t it be a fantastic display given a contemporary treatment?

I don’t have near the photographic ability to bring it to life (I’d love to brew the copy) but if anyone had a crack at it, I’d definitely consider it a buy.

Look at the skill in this latté I saw yesterday: it simply deserves preserving. Though I was assured it felt even better inside. Doesn’t it breathe Mephistophelian oxygen?