10 Tips for the Starting Writer

I had the pleasure of giving some advice the other day to someone thinking of starting as a specialist writer. So I thought I’d post the crux here, based on what I’ve learned from personal experience and from the lessons of many others for it may just help you too. Continue reading

The Spirit of Blogging

The past month since my last post here has been frenetic and the biggest impact you’ll see on this blog will be an attempt to imbue a more traditional “weblogging” focus: not so much manicured articles with introductory graphics but more of my experiences. You can go to my full website for the former. Continue reading

A Classic Dialog From Everybody Loves Raymond—The Author Episode

Desperate for time alone to complete some draft chapters for his baseball book, character, Ray Barone, begs his wife, Debra, to take their kids away for a day of camping so that he can find focus and productivity. Having wasted so much time during the year, an exasperated Debra makes Ray despair: Continue reading

Quotes An Internet Filled With Parrots

Yet another example of people posting quotes on the Internet without checking the source.

This time from Virgin “Influencer”, Richard Branson, who published a meme on LinkedIn, liked by 20,000 sheep as of my last check. Continue reading