This is a blog about creativity. In it we’ll explore the processes, tools, mindsets and world issues that today impact us as we go about its pursuit.

Everyone is creative. Business people are creative. Students are creative; professionals, scientists, tradespeople, thinkers and buskers among the crowd.

I’ll never purport to an infinite knowledge of the writing art, my niche. But I have definite ideas. I know what I don’t like in what sometimes passes as journalism and erudition these days. And I know what I love.

The main thing is, everything you’ll find from me here, will be original. My own words. There’ll be references to the thoughts of others but they’ll be in the context of a discussion around those words, or using them to highlight a point.

If something I do here entertains you, stimulates you into action or inspires you towards an idea, then I’ll have done my job. So sit back and thanks for dropping by.

– Adam