I’m Adam Parker, professional writer and owner of the writing studio Parkerpinion. I write for businesses and publications in Australia and the USA.

Parkerpinion is a portmanteau word of “Parker” + “opinion”, thanks to a brainstorm inspired by a friend and author, in New York, who suggested I publish my opinions on things.

Boom and thank you Amber!

In this blog we’ll explore my approach to professional writing in the hope of helping people curious about its craft and looking for tips to incorporate into their own work.

I’ll never purport to an infinite knowledge of writing. But I have definite ideas. I know what I don’t like in what sometimes passes as journalism and erudition these days. And I know what I love.

The main thing is, everything you’ll find from me here, will be original. My own words.

There’ll be references to the thoughts of others but they’ll be in the context of a discussion around those words, or using them to highlight a point.

I hope this blog gives you a growing repertoire of worthy material to take into your lives.

And now it’s time to write.

– Adam