Why Is Hillary Clinton Not Running in 2020?

Just days ago, Hillary Clinton announced her withdrawal from contention for the office of President of the United states in 2020. Though this would have been her third attempt at history, given her actions since her defeat in 2016 her decision just makes no sense.

Surely, with Trump so deep in the trenches and facing overrun under the weight of federal investigation, Special Counsel Mueller’s final report hanging over him like a Torquemadan doom, the question is obvious:

Wouldn’t this be her time to finally prevail?

After all, why go to the extreme of publishing a heart-on-sleeve tome, “What Happened”, were it not to sweep clean the mess of 2016 and ensure it could never happen next time around? Why would there be no next time?

Well, here’s my theory and I could be as right as being totally off the planet. I believe a behind the scenes bi-partisan deal has been struck.

Hillary Clinton doesn’t run in 2020; Donald Trump agrees to a single-term presidency on the pretext of “having already set America on the path to greatness and the desire to return to it as a key member of its business community”.

What’s the sweetener?

Clinton avoids future investigation and prosecution stemming from her time as Secretary of State; Trump avoids the machinations of an almost certain impeachment proceeding; neither prevails over the other; and Congress plugs a vortex of embarrassment to both parties.

The result is a win-win for the reputations of each and a reprieve for the tarnished edifice of impartial justice in America. How tidy would that be?

It’s just a theory of course.

Unremarkably, CNN is already reporting sources close to Clinton saying, “Well she didn’t really mean it.”

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