Amazon USA Opens its Doors to Australia Again

At midnight on June 30, 2018, Amazon barred sales from its USA store to Australia.

Amazon claimed that changes to Australia’s Goods and Services Tax (GST), requiring businesses around the world levy the 10% charge at the place of sale was onerous. Rather, they protested, Australia should levy its own tax at its own border.

Only July 1, 2018, I wrote in an article here, that Amazon’s decision had nothing at all to do with tax collection.

In fact, I said, a desire to corner the Australian grocery market through a limited-range local Amazon store was the catalyst. And I noted that, indeed, Amazon USA was still selling Kindle downloads to Australia—and billing the new GST:

“Amazon can collect GST without issue meaning there’s another reason for blocking non-digital items from shipping directly to Australia. More than one person I’ve spoken to about this hopes Amazon will re-think its embargo as more dawns follow.”

Well, as of yesterday, November 22, 2018, Amazon had a change of heart.

And as of today, its doors are once again wide open to Australia, close ally of the USA, brother and sister in arms; once again respected as a full trading partner.

I can speculate on the reasons surrounding this result but I’d rather just be grateful. Thank you, Jeff Bezos and team. I look forward to re-establishing our once solid customer service relationship now that the darkness has lifted.

© 2018 Adam Parker.