On Bernie Sanders and Foreign Policy

Well, I took the time tonight, while Hamas-missiles are raining down on Israel and Israeli air raids are flying across Gaza in retaliation, to listen to Bernie Sanders’ Keynote Address to the non-profit Pro-Israel/Pro-Peace advocacy group, J Street, from April 22, 2018. I hoped to gain some insight into his foreign policy.

In it he attempted a solution for the Israel-Palestine standoff. And while its broad strokes were as clear as his domestic aims mentioned in my previous article—in this case, a two-state solution with a shared Jerusalem capital—he totally failed to acknowledge the disastrous 50-year history behind them and why peace actually came so close in the 1990s without discussion of Jerusalem at all, only to fade at the assassin’s gun.

You see, international relations requires dialog nuanced beyond broad rhetoric. What are Sanders’ plans for Ukraine, the South China Sea and Syria-Iraq; on burgeoning migrant camps littering Europe, on Iranian hegemony, and a South America on the brink of implosion?

So, the question for Sanders’ electability really becomes whether his robust domestic vision alone, is enough to secure the title of the “most powerful person on earth” or whether he should also be asked to do more than call unremarkable international audibles from the sidelines, as too many before him have already done?

© 2018 Adam Parker.