Your Three Keys to Confidence Lay in Selling

This is a reprise of an article I posted a few weeks ago. I didn’t think it offered the oomph and clarity I’d intended. So here’s goes: if you want to be confident …


To find confidence, you’ve got to sell. It’s as simple as that. And to sell you’ve got to do just three things but they take work:

1. Know your products and services like an extension of yourself.

2. Believe in them all without the slightest reservation.

3. Care about your customers.

So if you find that customers—aka people—repeatedly want to shop around after meeting you, you’ve in fact not mastered at least one of these keys.

You see, in life you’re the trustee of your customers’ needs. Customers aren’t buying a thing, they’re actually buying an experience—you. They’re buying the real you.

I say this after half a working life personally on the front line and at times, not knowing when to say I didn’t fit. I had numbers 1 and 3 nailed but I often lacked in number 2.

Do you think that you’ll never have to sell? That in life you’ll never at minimum have to sell your smile? In all honesty, it’s likely because something is off inside with one of those keys and you’re afraid.

Therefore, work at those keys in their sequence:

1. Know yourself.

2. Believe in yourself.

3. And be interested in those around you.

You’ll never sell everyone and you’ll never need to. But in the end, it’s also why you won’t need confidence to sell but selling will definitely bring you confidence.

© 2018 Adam Parker.