Baking Business Creativity

You’re absolutely correct when you say that creativity lives in art. For art isn’t merely an outlet for enjoyment. Sun Tzu showed that there’s art in war.

And the beauty of being consumers in a Capitalist democracy is that oftentimes we see creativity in business too. One example greeted me today, when I visited one of my favourite Australian fresh food chains, Bakers Delight.

On July 1, a state-wide law came into effect banning the issue of one-use plastic shopping bags. Most retailers complied by supplying a sturdier re-useable option for a 10-15 cent fee; Bakers Delight hopped on the bandwagon pre-empting the law by at least a month.

Honestly, I reckon many retailers are simply milking the new regulations charging for bags that have little re-cyclability, when hitherto they wouldn’t. A manager at a major supermarket, in fact, confirmed with me that its re-useable bags don’t help the environment an inch but he still insisted I pay to help cover their costs.

Enter Bakers Delight.

I’d bought one of their sturdier plastic bags last week, and carried it with me to buy a multi-grain loaf today. It’s just that with my slices of country grains came this. Cue picture.

What is it? It’s a free, small, canvass, zip carry-pouch. It’s used to house your re-useable shopping bags between outings. It’s a catchy slogan too: “I’m Baking a world of Difference”.

Meaning here’s a perfect example of creativity in action. Not only is it a nifty, minimalist design—and well-built—it value-adds to the customer experience while putting the business’ mission upfront as a standout from its competition.

Creativity is a bit like that saying: Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. But creative people always give it a go.

This little storage pouch is a prime case of a response to an unpopular external catalyst: finding a way to placate customers while rewarding loyalty. It’s a small but highly thoughtful solution.

And for me today, it’s absolutely worked.

© 2018 Adam Parker.