Creating a New Year

Those who forget the past are bound to relive it, a saying goes. Which means in a nutshell: know your history. And this sentiment I feel, is most productive launching into a creative new year.

Learn from your past year’s experiences but don’t hold grudges.

Acknowledge opportunities passed by but don’t brood over them.

Build new opportunities but don’t wait for them.

And never assume that those who’ve found fame are happier, for celebrities teach this lesson regularly in their passing.

In other words, do what you feel is right in your gut and live with the consequences. Create what makes you happy but don’t follow.

The hardest thing in all this though, is that voice in your head that keeps telling you, “No!” Because, “You’re no good.”

Here’s something I learned last year.

Says a great commercial artist and creative mind, Danny Gregory, that voice in your head is your “monkey”.

And we all have one.

So to kick off this fresh 365 days, keep an eye out for a book called “Shut Your Monkey”, by Danny Gregory. It may just have the antidote for the clear head you’re after. I absolutely love it.

Happy Creative New Year!

Gregory, D. 2016. Shut your Monkey. HOW Books, Cincinnati.

© 2017 Adam Parker.