Stop Using Stats for Validation it Can Drive You Crazy

People talk about “social media syndrome” where we just can’t stop checking our feeds to see if people like us and affirm who we are.

Let’s face it, we’re human after all, social creatures and I’l admit, for a writer it can get even more needy at times: because like all artists—we demand our audience’s attention.

The point is, while we can get caught up in this validation, professionals know how to pull themselves away. We have to.

This of course, is different to running a business where social forms part of PR and marketing. Then numbers provide effectiveness (assuming they’re correct and interpretable that is).

The best artists do what they do because they want to—and whoever wishes to come along for the ride is welcomed. Eventually, these artists turn their social off altogether; even those who’ve claimed how life-central it is in books they’ve written. I’ve seen it happen.

You see, in time, social media won’t just leave stats, it’ll litter a whole lot of other garbage too. Noise that has little place in creativity.

Therefore, don’t sweat who reads your stuff, lots of people will. Worry more about quality and integrity. Feel free to experiment because no one will hold you to account. People expect artists to succeed as much as they fail.

That’s what attracts them to your work in the first place.

© 2016 Adam Parker.