When News Breaks

Well, those plans for a quiet period of reading and research as the year wound down came to an abrupt end a couple of days ago with the surprise finish to the 2016 US Presidential Election.

What it’s meant is a ramp up of commentaries from me posted pro bono on my www.parkerpinion.com website (as I try to get other articles published mainstream), the latest just now focusing on the art of staying unbiased when reporting in the political arena.

When it comes to this election, it would be impossible not to see a clear division between news networks as either pro-Trump (Fox) or pro-Clinton (most other outlets, flag-shipped at CNN). But very little if anything in-between.

What’s resulted of course, is a fear-mongering in the USA similar to the days just after Pearl Harbor in 1941, where enemy agents were seen everywhere—yet actually, no where at all.

But it’s the reporting of this fear that reflects journalism at its worst. For according to my diehard Democratic friends in the States, “Half of America is feeling vulnerable and scared.”  Reality is this is far from the case. Some are frightened, yes.

These people fell to a form of groupthink borne by the company they kept: surround yourself with fear, and scared you will be. When these people then drew on biased Big Media for their news, however, it became a panic and hours after the Trump victory social media reported a demographic suicide-risk.

This is why conscientiously taking prejudice out of my stories is the most important facet of my art.

It doesn’t mean that I can’t have opinions or use satire or lean one way. But when I do, my role is to make sure that I’m fact-driven and as far as possible acknowledge the whole debate.

I hope you enjoy these articles mentioned above. Click “Relax” when there. Each offers a unique style, some more tongue-in-cheek than others. On the point I’m making here, “Writing Without Bias in Geopolitics and Trumphalism” speaks most.

© 2016 Adam Parker.