Pulling the Inflammatory off with Style—Tom Walker as Jonathan Pie on Trump’s Win

This was too good to pass up as another perfect example of dialog and brilliantly timed acting bringing a challenging message off, much as I posted earlier with the anti-mysogyny video, “We are the Lions”.

This one’s from actor Tom Walker in character as left-leaning journalist “Jonathan Pie”, who with a perfect dose of foulness rams a message home to those still incredulous, that Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump.

It’s his phrasing, timing and syntactical shock value that so beautifully shine here. Not to mention that 95% of his thesis agrees with me. I’ll happily debate the other 5% with him another day.

But if his aim is to get people to debate—and it is—there’s no better way than to start the talking yourself.

Kudos to all involved in this quality production.


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