At Christmas Even Self Publishing Goes Off The Rails

I just saw this eBook “review” for a series of newly released romances geared for the forthcoming Christmas season:

What’s better than a romance? A Christmas romance. What’s better than a Christmas romance? A Christmas romance with a recipe! But is there anything better than that? You betcha. Make that FIVE Christmas romances each with their own recipe. 🙂 Each of these novellas comes with its own recipe for a delicious cake that appears somewhere in the story. Hmmmm. Should I read …

Okay, forgetting the fact that this review is actually a marketing endorsement—no mention of how the reviewer found the books, you know, as reading material—that the author somehow thought it a great way to promote literature by including “hidden recipes” in the narrative …

Well. No.

Then again, I just read the first page of novella #1 and got to, “He was tall. He was dark. He was handsome”. I kid you not.



That’s what’s needed here.

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