Yes the Ulysses Mobile Writing App is as Good as its Desktop

I noticed the last thing I posted about the fantastic Ulysses writing app came some months ago now. Well, how’s this surprise Mac App Store find going? Shortly after that post I did in fact, go and buy its iPhone version too.

And I can’t praise enough, how operating both desktop and mobile have exploded my productivity skywards.

At cafes, waiting for meetings, at the airport, relaxing in the park, sitting as a passenger in a car—the ability to write with professional effect has been unbelievably convenient: knowing full well, that mere seconds after typing, my efforts hit my laptop and desktop for continued tweaking—and vice versa.

I certainly love Ulysses’ easy ability to export work in Word doc format with a mere click, as an extra hard drive back up (though I’m still craving the day Word waves bye-bye forever).

Ulysses has stood the test of time.

I use it every day. Numerously. Never a single crash. I’m bashing away at my keyboard with it right now. It remains my primary drafting tool and many times, the vehicle transporting my words from cerebrum to publication as you’re reading.

I also love its full screen option—switching between dark and light modes for enhanced concentration given the time of day.

It’s a 9.5/10 for me. The only thing it could use is a more refined auto-correct (and the interface with InDesign I’m after). But Ulysses’ inbuilt dictionary remains superior to the latest good ol’ Word. (And I bought the Mac and iPhone’s Shorter Oxford Dictionary apps anyway to cover my physical tomes when they aren’t nearby.)

So, if you haven’t yet tried Ulysses, definitely consider its free trial. It really is a polished writing companion for pro power wordsters.

© 2016 Adam Parker.