Superb Writing for Voice—We Are The Lions: The Campaign Against Domestic Violence

My writing philosophy is clear, if you haven’t grabbed your audience in the first twenty seconds, they’re gone. It’s the principle of never being stupid enough to judge a book by its cover but you can sure tell a hell of a lot by its first few sentences.

Take misogyny for example.

A million people have viewed the attached professional video by writer and actor, Steve Connell. It only came my way yesterday and as writing goes, it’s the perfect example of interest, credibility, and suspense from the get-go.

It’s a short film, a polemic against domestic violence thoroughly camouflaged in the epic of poetics.

As awareness of this cowardly crime is finally receiving its audience, writers now ask:

How can we add to this message without losing its power to the phenomenon of white noise?

Connell solves this conundrum through cadence, pull, sarcasm, metaphor and shade. See how his syntax transforms into energy. How punctuation, like musical notes, instructs its speaker. But always pay note to his velocity.

The result is a story told by Connell, never prior to heard. Pure creativity.

I’ve attached the original link to Steve Connell’s website below. From there his epic video is just an easy click away.

It’s a reminder too of the importance for original sources whenever we post, as best we can. For Steve Connell here, deserves unreserved kudos.

Listen to “We Are The Lions”, even if previously viewed. Focus on the contest he weaves, its beats of light and shade. The pauses of a boxer gone a few rounds.

This is writing at its best.

Link: We are the Lions—by Steve Cornell

© 2016 Adam Parker.