Do They Still Teach it Cursively?

Do they still teach what we used to call “script” writing in schools? I guess it was called “cursive” writing then too.

I was just jotting down some thoughts on my whiteboard and said hey, let’s give it a try. And it wasn’t like hopping back on a bike at all, thank you very much—especially with my lower case “p”.

I remember nights of homework penciling shapes between two ruled lines, that’s true, thinking, “Is this really necessary?” I now wonder if I ever got it right? I vaguely remember using it during exams in Year 10, I also recall a shift to part-print, part-script in Year 12 when time got serious.

Ever since, I’ve been a quasi-illegible printer. And thank goodness, a typist.

Do folks still write cursively today, hey was it called “cursive” because it was hell to do and we cursed a lot?

PS I am amazingly good at writing straight on that whiteboard though. Go figure.

© 2016 Adam Parker.