Long Time in Between

Months have flown since I’ve last graced this blog but method lay in the absence. And that means a lot of subject matter we can now talk about on things creative and writing.

And as I’m now about to enter a reading and research phase to see the remainder of this calendar year out, I’ll have a few book recommendations for you, a lot of theoretical insights to share and some lessons learned.

So hang around.

To kick things off here’s a humble take at what “creativity” is that I thought up just yesterday, the result of something gorgeous happening between two creative souls: me and someone so gifted, she’s about to set the world on fire.

A brief email exchange set it rolling:

“Creativity is when two artists celebrate the realization that they’ve admired the other’s work previously unaware.”

It’s the people we touch whom we’ll never know that’s both the bane and joy of being an artist. The blessing though is knowing somewhere, it’s unequivocally happening.

© 2016 Adam Parker.