The Spirit of Blogging

The past month since my last post here has been frenetic and the biggest impact you’ll see on this blog will be an attempt to imbue a more traditional “weblogging” focus: not so much manicured articles with introductory graphics but more of my experiences. You can go to my full website for the former.

This will hopefully mean an even freer ability for me to share in my thoughts as a writer, while also being easier to post more often and hopefully more relevantly for those who care to read.

Hence a new look: the good ol’ WordPress 2011 Theme and thanks to it, a focus on text. Those who’ve been here reading from the start will notice a bit of housekeeping in its archives too.

That said, the crux of my busyness has been a rebranding of my business.

It’s meant a rethinking of the type of writing I most enjoy after four years of offering my human-limited time to the market: for those who try to be all things will not only find it impossible but will inevitably be miserable as a result. It’s meant a new web presence (that was the most exciting thing of all as I got to implement the whole), and some new skills learned—particularly in software I’d like to employ.

So let’s begin with that and move on to my next post.

But to end this one off let me repeat some wisdom that so many others have given when it comes to blogging. I’ll put it in my own words:

A blog is a living thing. You do not have to shoe-horn it into a specific fit. Let it grow with you (and your business) and let it change as your desires morph. A real blog is an extension of you. It’s the fake blogs—the advertising ones that people pick up on as gimmicks and never visit again. Be genuine, be excited, and your blog’s energy will flow. It will be addictive. You might lose some people but new audiences will arrive. That’s because blogging should be fun: for you and all who read it.