Train Online and Try

If there’s one investment you can make in yourself today, whether as an amateur creative (one who does what you do for the love of it) or a professional (who like me will not do it unless I love it too!)—it’s education.

Skill up. It’s as simple as that.

Unsure how to structure a piece of writing? Thinking about other creative outlets like painting? Wanting to learn how to use the software tools that will help you get words or graphics onto paper, the net; or want to design solutions in different forms? Then you simply have to learn.

The beauty of this situation, is that today learning no longer entails thousands of dollars in debt for college, university, or on-campus night courses. Though don’t discount their utility. A great professor can make a fine mentor or role model.

You see, these days you can alternately choose among more books than ever, dedicated precisely to your subject of desire.

Better yet, you can also learn online.

And this is why I commend the service, to you.

I’m not a partner of Lynda—you’ll see no advertising banners here. This is merely a genuine recommendation for those able to invest what amounts to about $30-$40 Australian Dollars a month, as of writing, into their development (it’s not cheap) via relevant, self-chosen, self-paced training that’s importantly, visual—and to some degree hands-on.

Check the service, browse around its course library, catch some free lectures, and search YouTube for legitimately posted content that serves as a feeder to the larger Lynda program.

I happened to recently join via a 10-day no obligation trial. And I was hooked. I’ve wanted to gain a better feel for InDesign for ages but the books I’d paid roughly $80 for from Amazon were useless to anyone lacking a working knowledge of that Adobe platform. Best thing is, while you’re watching a Lynda video, you can (and should) take prolific notes.

This isn’t to say that I’ll be a Lynda customer month in and month out ad infinitum. But for a 3-6 month jaunt to start, it’s more than already paid for itself in my opinion.

As with writing, while you put words to paper everyday to firm your craft, the odd dose of training will simply ramp up your effectiveness.

It may just open your brain, left or right, to a spark that’s been nagging absent and sets off a chain reaction of creative brilliance that changes your life.