A Classic Dialog From Everybody Loves Raymond—The Author Episode

Desperate for time alone to complete some draft chapters for his baseball book, character, Ray Barone, begs his wife, Debra, to take their kids away for a day of camping so that he can find focus and productivity. Having wasted so much time during the year, an exasperated Debra makes Ray despair:

RAY [pointing to his head]: Don’t you get that I have Cats in the Cradle playing up here?

DEBRA: I think you have two monkeys and a yo-yo playing up there.

Great writing comes with poetic familiarity—Cats in the Cradle and the unexpected—two monkeys, but great dialog is the fruit of natural timing too—zap-zing. That’s no easy thing.

You’ll find this brilliant action in season 5, episode 6 of Everybody Loves Raymond—and kudos to writer, Mike Royce, for this favorite TV scene of mine.