Should You Ghostwrite Your Blog?

It’s amazing how time flies when life interrupts. Like when you suddenly find yourself with an operation you hadn’t planned.

Hence things have been quiet around here for a couple of weeks. And that folks is the life of blogging. Reality happens.

Thing is, it also brings to the foreground an interesting issue for those running professional blogs for their business: should they engage ghostwriters to cover these very situations when they occur?

My clear and unequivocal answer is, no.

A blog is your voice to your audience. They want to hear from you. They want to interact with you. A blog after all is another form of relationship building. Why do it, if not to share your ideas?

There’s a massive difference though, between “ghostwriting” and “guest blogging”.

In the case of the latter you’re saying to your readers: “Hey, here’s someone interesting I think you’ll enjoy hearing from, and they’ve agreed to share their time with me for you.”

That’s a nice value-added touch. Where this goes wrong, is where you fail to attribute the guest blogger’s work. Then you’re simply passing off someone else’s effort as your own and whether by agreement or otherwise, I firmly believe that’s wrong.

Therefore, when blogging accept there’ll be unexpected downtime. That’s the human side of the Internet. It’s the way it should be.

In the meantime, focus on your voice; craft your message; enjoy your enthusiasm—and never put that opportunity for real online interaction at risk.

An audience soon learns what’s bona fide and what’s not. Time’s limited. A writer’s job is to grab it whenever they can.