Blogging is Fun When You Remember It’s Not a Burden

When you start a blog it’s the most exciting thing—firstly you realize you’ve a public arena at next to no financial cost and secondly, you’re now manic about filling that arena with your stories. So like most people, you rush into it.

You excite some other people too who really like what you’ve done. You earn some followers as a result and then … You go to bed thinking about what to post next. And then … another question pops into your head. When is your next post due: the next hour, next day, a couple of days, the next week? After a while you start to rub your eyes, salivate, and go a little loopy. Congratulations! You’ve joined millions of other bloggers who world over have begun to see their blogs as burdens. My advice? Sit back and chill. Sometimes it’s your blog’s theme that drives this pressure. Rather than just some short thoughts, your blog optimally looks best with a featured graphic and blocks of text. I began to feel that recently with the theme I’m currently using— a WordPress Premium look called Opti. I really like it right now as it gives a newspaper feel and summarizes my posts. And it’s pretty intuitive to navigate—which for me is a blogging must. But it also really likes to have a featured picture at the top of its home page. So I started to think:

Man I like making my own pics but sometimes I just want to share a quick opinion. Won’t that look stupid? Have I made a thematic gaffe?

You see for me, the true weblog goes way back almost a decade now, when things looked like a chronological text journal. Now of course, blogs resemble full-blown websites with screen-wide graphics and Tumblr grids of posts. “No,” I decided. I’m not going to fall for that trap. Whether for business or pleasure, blogging needs to be fun. So here’s my latest update. It has no pic and I’m happy with that <picture Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man for a moment … Deep breath>. Yet, true to this blog’s aim, it’s definitely about the philosophy of writing, I think it’s worthy of sharing. And with that, I can get back to the real chores of life. Enjoy your blogging too!

2 thoughts on “Blogging is Fun When You Remember It’s Not a Burden

  1. Ain’t it? And Belinda, I just visited your site and thanks for the tip on linking Gravatar to blog address. I just just checked mine and I think it’s right. Cheers 😉


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