Reading in Between

In between major projects the creative bug really bites. I’ve always been one to feel the thirst for the inner workings of society and why world history transpired as it did.

Then there’s an overall longing to learn different ways of being innovative, all with a segue into writing.

I’m currently onto the latter category this week. And I’ve three books in a pile waiting for the remainder.

1. Logo Design Love, by David Airey (second time read)
2. Art Before Breakfast, by Danny Gregory (never before read)
3. Designing News, by Franchesco Franchi (ditto)

I don’t know how I came across Danny Gregory’s blog the other day, but this long time adman and art teacher writes exceedingly well, more so, with integrity. It’s linked in my sidebar for you.

I’ve never, however, been able to draw. His book is meant to be a key to the doorway of pencil, paint, and ink and I’m eager to see.

Let you know how I go.