Is Blogging Like Social Media Really Just Noise?

I saw one of Gen Y’s human resource management practitioners, Sarah Miller, give a video presentation about the role of social media in business the other day. Her summary came down to a basic mantra: to be seen you have to share.

A few days after, a colleague posed the following question:

How do you make your noise louder than everyone else’s noise?

It was telling, because like this person, I’m very skeptical about the multitude of social media and social interface platforms poking at us for attention like pesky branches on a trek through already spooky woods.

I have a personal presence on three of these alone (I really have no idea why), plus a website I love and this blog I cherish. So to call social media “noise” isn’t too far off the mark for many.

I considered a response, and came up with the following as a thought for standing out in the social media crowd:

By sharing and participating. If people view their blog entries for example, as saleable products, then the sales channels don’t change. If people, however, see them as social interactions, the solution moves to the realm of being social. You stop selling and start conversing. As someone I read recently said, and I paraphrase: “You need to become a club member before being considered a club player.” So you basically get out there online and talk about things you genuinely find interesting to people who genuinely interest you. I think it was Austin Kleon who wrote, “You don’t find people online, people find you.”

That book was Austin Kleon’s Show Your Work, and I’ll be writing more about it in the weeks to come. It’s a worthwhile read if you haven’t yet.

But no, not all blogging or social media is noise.