Ode to the Typo

Ho tyop!
How I destress at each momint I craft teeh.
What especily pees me of is who autocorruct
is tryi’n to fix everythank I type right now,
bit ho! When it comes to wrting an actaul article,
does it help me any?

Yes, in writing you can’t rely on autocorrect anymore than eyeballs and fingers, and that’s always been the case. I once read a book years ago titled something like, “The Idiot’s Guide to Photography for Photoshop.” It had a fantastic structure, great illustrations—and over 100 typos. I called the publisher, sent over the fixes, and they gave me three books as thanks. No explanation though. Just the way modern publishing is.

I hate making typos. I was at the symphony the other night and all through the third movement of—I have no idea what— I couldn’t stop thinking about a piece I’d just finished. On and on I kept wondering, “Did I use the right tense there?”

That’s borderline madness to most. But the writers here will fully understand when I say, “Whoa it was exciting.”

Ninety-nine percent of the time you’ll catch your typos with multiple passes of your text. When you don’t (like me with emails and online interactions—see my earlier post here), you just suck it up, make the fix, and move on.

So, three tips when proofreading:

1. Print it out
2. Use a ruler
3. If not already paste it into Word—it can’t hurt