There’s More Than Notepads for Writing Inspiration

Nearly every book on writing theory I’ve read has been resolute in a single mantra: take prolific notes. The rationale being you’ll never know when inspiration hits. And if you’re like me where life’s sparks are easily forgotten, it’s a boon.

Recipes exist for notebooks differing in size, color, and theme. All make sense. They’re strategies for idea collation. And don’t forget your smartphone with its numerous notepad and recording options too. So it’s pretty hard to run bereft of note taking tools these days.

Thing is, there’s something more than words  with magnificent creative writing power worth capturing too.

That’s pictures of course. 

Whenever I feature writing on my business’s website, I try to include my own art as an accompanying graphic. (Remember to check and apply copyright attribution when using anything other than your own.)

The gist of all this is when you’re out next, think of your smartphone’s camera as a writing tool too. Not for award-winning photojournalism: but enough for reflection. Go snap happy.

It’s a fantastic resource for writing inspiration.

PS Has anyone else wished for a voice-activated shower microphone? …I’ve always intended to buy one of those water-resistant whiteboards too.

PPS There’s a whole other article I could write on the creativity of the shower.