Put Writing and Sudoku in a Ring

I picked up an interesting fact last week reading on the theory of design. While we painstakingly agonize over a project’s color scheme  it’s not just the user’s computer or the printer’s color matching that will have a say in how our end product is seen.

The retina and optical pathways to the brain—and the walnuts themselves have a huge impact too.

So while I may strive to create what my physiology finds appealing, I wonder what you will see, and vice versa?

It reminds me of a talk I once gave, asking people to close their eyes and picture a square. On querying their descriptions, they differed as I knew they obviously would. Were they hued? Were they 3D? Were they straight or on a tilt? That’s psychology.

But the impact of differing retinal chemistry: that just blows me away.

Isn’t human perception an amazing thing when the most careful among us will never be able to control fully the creative messages we desire? Same goes for words.

That’s the writer’s conundrum and it stumps even the pros. It can be beautiful, mystifying, and stupefying all at once—and explains why the WWE should lock writing and sudoku in a ring at the next WrestleMania, ’coz writing will win the three count.